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Stump grinder



At SAFE-T-TREE we are equipped with the proper machinery and experience for your stump removal needs. Removing a stump without the proper equipment can be a long and laborious task and has damaged many peoples vehicles in attempts to yank them out. Usually we will mulch your stump a foot to a foot and a half below ground level. 



  • Insects such as ants, termites and beetles will nest in decaying stumps and can quickly migrate to other trees, your house and neighbouring houses.

  • Fungi can spread from a stump to other plants, causing damage to trees, flowers and vegetable gardens.

  • The tree stump and roots of certain species will commonly sprout new growth despite the tree having been cut down. Constantly cutting these new growths can be tedious, tiring and can still have the disease that caused you to remove the original tree, leading to further expenses to remove them.

  • Tree stumps can be easily tripped on and create a problem for mowing the grass.

  • Tree stumps can impede on progress of new construction and general yard and home improvements.







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