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Cedar face




It is very important to trim your cedar hedges on a regular schedule to promote  a dense and healthy looking hedge. Cedars only have a few inches of greenery on the ends of their limbs. Care must be taken not to trim too much on the sides of Cedars. If cut to the old wood, Cedars will not generate new growth, leaving an unsightly hedge of stubs and no greenery. If frequent trimming is not performed the hedges become so wide that they may interfere with living space, which again is why frequent trimming is important. Allow for no more than 15cm growth before hedging.


Cedars require lots of sun. Trimming the bottom wider than the top maximizes light infiltration, hence a thriving hedge. If neighbouring trees are overshadowing your Cedars they may start to die off. It would be a wise idea to prune the nearby trees to allow more sun to reach the hedge. They also love water so do not hesitate to hydrate them.


Although pruning is best in September, Cedars being native to Quebec are very resilient and can be trimmed most any time of the year but to avoid burning do not trim in temperatures above 30 degrees celcius.


Cedars love water so don't hesitate to nurture them.  


SAFE-T-TREE will be able to give your hedges the proper care they require. Our Hedge trimming crew will leave your yard looking like the garden you've always wanted.


OTHER SERVICES: Vine Pruning, Ornamental Shrubs, Fruit Trees, Lilacs.

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