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Tree Service Montreal

Welcome to Safe-T-Tree

We are a professional tree care company servicing the Greater Montreal area since 1998. We are committed to providing our clients with quality year round service for all your tree care needs. Our services include,







SAFE-T-TREE will provide you with a free detailed estimate in a prompt and courteous manner. Our highly trained staff is committed to providing a safe, professional and reliable service. Tel: (514)-368-6481

Why hire an arborist?

The majority of people do not know what an arborist is or what an arborist does. Therefore, quite often they will take it upon themselves to maintain there own trees, which if not done properly can lead to personal injury, property damage and irreversible damage to the health of their trees.

A properly pruned tree can add value to your property whereas a poorly maintained tree could be a significant liability. 

The staff at SAFE-T-TREE will be happy to assess the health and safety of your trees and supply you with our recommendations.




ISA Certified Arborist
ISA Member

ISA Certified Arborist On Staff 

Andrew Desrochers

ISA Certified Arborist

# - Qu-0201A

What to look for

  • Eliminate rubbing branches

  • Branches that interfere with wires, buildings, gutters, roof, chimney, street + sidewalk

  • Dead and weak limbs

  • Infected or diseased limbs

  • Storm damage + broken limbs

  • Thinning of the crown for less wind resistance (Therefore a safer tree)

  • Dying or dead tree

  • Week root system

  • Wounds, conks, cankers and mushrooms on the trunk or limbs

  • Insects, woodpeckers and other animals can threaten your trees health

  • V-shaped forks are weak compared to broader angled forks and branches 

  • Beware of any tree that has been topped (known as pollarding)


Trees are beautiful
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